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Foundation for the protection of the oceans and for a better future

Plastic waste, overfishing, acidification, coral die-offs – the list of ways that human activity harms the fragile ecosystems of the world’s oceans goes on and on.

The aim of the Andreas Rühl Foundation is to support people and projects whose work, research, and dedication help to protect our oceans. After all, healthy oceans are vital to all of humanity!

Plastik verschmutzter Ozean

About us

Here at the Andreas Rühl Foundation, we firmly believe the best solutions come from those who are on the front lines of these issues.

Our foundation achieves its purpose through various activities, including the following:

- Projects to support ocean research

- Projects to support environmental protection and conservation
  activities to preserve coasts and oceans as natural habitat for

  plants and animals and the basis for human life

- Seminars, workshops, and other educational activities aimed
  particularly at encouraging a sense of stewardship of the world’s
  oceans and coastal regions among young people

- Supporting organizations and projects to rescue people in
  distress at sea

The nonprofit foundation was established by Andreas Rühl in
June 2017. The foundation is a private initiative that pursues
solely nonprofit and charitable aims.

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Our values

"The future of humanity lies in the oceans of this world"

Oceans are key to the development of the climate, and they are the top resource for nutrition for future generations!

Founder Andreas Rühl:

“Conserving and protecting this natural basis for life is really important to me, so in 2017 I decided to establish the Andreas Rühl Foundation and help make sure that fundamental research continues and that we treat this resource responsibly through targeted research and education.”

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Projects supported

... Our projects for 2021/2022 will coming soon ...

- Learn more about the projects we are currently supporting -

Newton ' s Pendel

Year supported


for the Advancement

of Science

Year(s) supported
2017 - 2018 - 2019


Society for
Nature Research


Year(s) supported
2018 - 2019 - 2020

"The Ocean Cleanup"

Cleaning the oceans

Screenshot_2020-02-02 Experimentelle Öko

Year(s) supported
2019 - 2020

Helmhotz Centre

Ocean Research Kiel

"GAME research

and education program"

Year(s) supported
2019 - 2020


Max-Planck-Institute for
marine Microbiology


Vorschlag MPI f.jpg

Year(s) supported
2019 - 2020

for Chemistry

"Nicolas Duprey - research on the effects of anthropogenic influences on the world's ocean "


Year(s) supported
2020 - 2021

Max Planck Institute
marine Microbiology


Research funding A

"In search of new archaea that break down oil in the sea floor without any oxygen"

Year(s) supported
2020 - 2021

Max Planck Institute
marine Microbiology


Research funding B

"Plastic pollution

of sediments in the sea "


Year(s) supported
2020 - 2021

Max Planck Institute


marine Microbiology


Research funding C

"Degradation of poorly degradable chemicals by ROS in intertidal sand areas"


Year(s) supported
2020 - 2021



"Cleaning the seas of marine litter"

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Support and donations


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Commerzbank AG

IBAN: DE08 5004 0000 0486 0607 00

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Legal Notice



Andreas Rühl Foundation
Hugenottenstraße 105
61381 Friedrichsdorf

Phone +49 (0) 6172 733 227

Authorized representatives:

Andreas Rühl
First Member of the Board of Directors
Dr. Michaela Busch

Second Member of the Board of Directors

Supervisory authority with jurisdiction:


Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt
Luisenplatz 2
64287 Darmstadt

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